About Me


I started my photography company to work with my love and passion for photography. I have a deep interest in photographing people, particularly in instances where I am capturing very memorable and emotional situations. I also love nature and wildlife. I photograph landscapes, wildlife, birds and plants. I spent almost the first third of my life traveling in the U.S. Navy. I spent much of my time in Europe, the Middle East and Asia. This is where my love of photography began. I knew I was having an experience of a lifetime and wanted to capture as much of it as possible. My first camera was a Nikon FG which I purchased through the Navy Exchange catalog. That camera served me very well and to this day I still shoot Nikon cameras. I am a photographer working for the Walt Disney Company in Florida. I very much enjoy every aspect of what I do at Disney. I really enjoy portraiture and candid photographs which is the essence of what I do there.