Silver Springs State Park

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We took a day trip to the Ocala area to visit Silver Springs State Park. I had been looking at the State Parks web site and in particular Silver Springs. The springs actually refer to a group of artesian springs and a historic tourist attraction. In the early to mid 1800’s it began attracting visitors from across the United States. In the mid 1870’s glass bottom boat tours began. In the 1920s, W. Carl Ray and W.M. “Shorty” Davidson, after leasing the land from Ed Carmichael (upon whose death the springs were left to the University of Florida), developed the land around the headwaters of the Silver River into an attraction that eventually became known as Silver Springs Nature Theme …

Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge

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The refuge is teaming with wildlife.  We saw almost every species of water bird native to Florida.  Our trip was planned around seeing and photographing the Florida Scrub Jay.  We were definitely delighted with our experience with the Florida Scrub Jays.  At Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge all of the Florida Scrub Jays we saw were banded.  This drives the point home that these creatures are on the National Threatened Species List.  Walking in the Wildlife Refuge is easy and almost all areas of the refuge would be easily accessed by someone in a wheelchair.  As large as this refuge is it was extremely clean.  It appears that not only does the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service patrol and clean but …

A Day In The Scrub

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I’ve been photographing scrub-jays now for a few months.  I’ve read many things about the birds and talked with a few people that either manage the areas populated by the birds or research the birds.  I’ve read and heard the birds referred to as boisterous.  I would wholeheartedly agree, they definitely make themselves known.  I’ve also read and heard people refer to the birds as curious.  Again I agree, they are very inquisitive creatures from my experience so far.  I’ve read and heard friendly…  This is where opinions differ.  I agree that in environments where the birds are very consistently exposed to people and the habitat is well managed the birds do seem to be very friendly and show absolutely …

Disney Wilderness Preserve

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Our visits to Disney Wilderness Preserve have always been very relaxing and enjoyable experiences. The preserve offers amenities such as a picnic area, a covered area with seating with a view of the marsh and a butterfly garden. The trails are well marked and very well maintained. Recently the Preserve opened a new trail which we were very excited to hike. Along the way you’ll find thoughtfully placed benches to sit and take in nature. Lake Russell which is one of a very few unspoiled natural lakes in this area of Florida is along one of the trails.

Circle B Bar Reserve

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For the nature lovers, bird watchers or conservationist Circle B Bar Reserve is a perfect destination. Located in Polk County in Lakeland, Florida. This preserve offers something for everyone. The name is established from a ranch that occupied the 1,267 acres and has been part of a restoration project to return the property to restore much of the original hydrologic function of the lands. The preserve offers one of the most impressive bird populations that I have encountered here in central Florida. Among them are the Osprey, American Bald eagle, a large variety of wading birds and the endangered wood stork. Fresh water marshes, Oak hammocks and hardwood swamp are all habitats nestled on the edge of Lake Hammock. Bird …