Polk County Environmental Lands Photo Contest 2015

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Polk County Environmental Lands Photo Contest 2015
Mark Kosinski

Mark Kosinski
Landscape and Nature Photographer

In early March I entered a photography contest hosted by the Polk County Environmental Lands Program.  The photographs had to be taken on property managed by the program and be in any of 10 categories.  Today we went out to the Discovery Center at Circle B Bar Reserve to attend the award ceromony for the contest.  Three of my photographs were selected as runner ups for the contest out of 506 photographs submitted to the contest.  

The winning photographs and the runner up photographs were on display in the Discovery center.  I must say that there are quite a few very talented photographers taking photographs at Circle B Bar Reserve.  I myself was very impressed with the winning and all of the runner up photographs.  The contest itself was the idea of a volunteer at the reserve.  As much credit should go to her for the work and thoughtfulness she put in to the contest.  I'm sure all of the photographers who entered really appreciate the hard work she put in to make the contest a success.
This is an image of the certificate I recieved as a Runner Up in the contest.  The reception was well thought out and the awards nicely done.  Refreshments were served as guests arrived to view the photographs.  Everyone in attendance seemed to really enjoy the photographs.  The hostesses were very cordial and greeted each party of guests as they entered and took time to talk a bit with each.   
Duck skimming the water at sunrise
This was one of the 3 images that was selected as a runner up image - Ducks Skimming The Water At Sunrise.  This image was shot at Circle B Bar Reserve in February of this year.  We went to the reserve very early that morning to catch the sunrise.  It was worth getting up early that morning.
This was the second image that was selected as a runner up - Lake Hancock At Sunrise.  This image was taken the same morning that the first was taken.  We were very lucky to have had very favorable weather and clouds for the sunrise.
Natures curtains
Golden Morning
And finally this is the third image that was selected as a runner up image for the contest.  It was also taken the same morning as the previous two.  It amazes me how gold everything turned during "golden hour".  This is a good example of what the sunlight actually looks like at that time of the morning.
In all I couldn't be more pleased with the results.  I was quite honored to have three of my images selected out of so many entries in the contest.  Circle B Bar Reserve is definately a birding hot spot.  If you're looking for a place to go capture wildlife and birds this is the place!  If you would like more information about Circle B Bar Reserve or any of the places we visit drop us an email and we'll send you everything we know.